Friday, October 26, 2012

Samhain...or Trick or Treat...

I am at this moment just off the phone with my brother whose life is it's usual chaos. One of my nephews, the ever going for an interesting flair, James, is reporting his intention of transforming himself into Jack Sparrow. A worthy costume, indeed.
It has been such a roller coaster the past couple of months...where do I start? I suppose with the not so happy news that Chester is coming out of remission. It is an awful thing to think about, yet think about it we must. We're just going one day at a time right now until we know more. One difficulty is that his doc moved her practice to hell and gone on the south side and the clinic she's at now is gawdawful expensive. I'll keep you posted as things progress. There is certainly another round of Chemo coming up though and that is nothing to look forward to money wise or otherwise.
I've been busy helping Twyla to put the details for her business together including a marathon writing of a business plan. She's been working on this since late summer. As a result, last week we ended up getting a last minute spot in the Edmonton Comic Expo. Talk about a steep learning curve. It was absolutely like nothing we've ever done, and we have done plenty of gigs. Literally 15,000 people jammed in over two days. Your face gets cramped from smiling, feet hurt and the hat I was wearing felt like it weighed about 35 pounds by the end of the first day. I was ready to hurl my goggles, by George! Great fun though. We're next at Pure Spec at Grant McEwan in mid November. We're also booked for Calgary Expo in April so it's pretty chaotic here as well creating new things, etc.  I'll let you know about other gigs...though a lot will likely be in Calgary. Maybe the Fringe. We'll see.
We found out about our place at Expo in the midst of funeral stuff. Brad's stepmother passed away on the 15th so we were dealing with all of that as well. Goddamn effing shite-sucking cancer. Like I said. It's been forty miles of bad road in a jalopy without shocks. Quit smoking and polluting your bodies, you idiots! I'm getting pretty tired of funerals.
Oh, and the critters haunting this house have kicked it into full gear. It is very creepy around here lately... Google 'shadow people'. Luckily we don't (so far) have the monk thing or the fedora thing hanging around. Just look it up. We leave a light on at night these days is all I will say.
When all of the personal stuff comes crashing down, as it does occasionally for all of us, it's easy to shut out the world and just ignore what's going on around us. Not a good idea. Because the stuff around us doesn't go away. You still have to deal with it or it will deal with you.
I've been following the American election (along with most of the rest of the world) with some trepidation, knowing that if fate decides to be cruel and that nut, Romney, gets in, we are all in for a world of hurt. While Obama isn't perfect, he is worlds better than that religious crackpot. I'm certain that Harper is hoping for a Romney White House. Then they can really get down to the business of wrecking the planet and women's lives once and for all.
I don't have lots of time this morning but I thought I'd touch base a little. Reveal that I haven't actually fallen off a cliff.
Samhain seems a little different this year. Perhaps because there are so many other things going on. I'll be at my brother's as always. We'll go as a very large group to take the kids out for some tracks and treats. I don't think my heart will be in it as much, though. It's hard to have your heart in it when it is...well...elsewhere.
I'll be back soon and we'll talk about the Maya and where to find a new stone calendar, because, contrary to popular belief, I think that's about all that will happen come December 21st. We'll need a brand new circular rock calendar to hang on the wall for the next few thousand years. If you think that the end might be near, however, go ahead and stock up on essentials. You should be doing that anyway. Look at the poor buggers out on the East Coast battening down for what they're calling 'Frankenstorm' barreling down on them. It's not going to be pretty, I think. However, as per the Maya thing...don't be too hasty. Just remember what happened to all those folks who were certain that they were going to be raptured back there a-ways. The day after the non-rapture, they had to crawl back and beg for their jobs back. Be prepared, but don't prepare yourself out of house and home. And do make plans for the next year. I'd like to see you at the Calgary Comic Expo after all and we'll be back at the Edmonton Expo next fall.
In the mean time, come down to the Pure Spec con and see us in all our Steampunk glory. Call me for details or check the Facebook page. Stay warm and send some healing energy to Chester. Please.

What's on the menu: potatoes and carrots, salad and chicken.
Listening to: Italian pop music
Reading: 'Sanctus' by Simon Toyne
Watching: Arsenic and Old Lace...squeeee!!! Cary Grant...he's soooooo dreamy!
Goals: Me...Finish the book I'm binding/Twyla...working on a hand tint of Pride & Prejudice

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