Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Know it's Spring When...

It must be Spring....I am looking outside at a LOT of snow. It was a nightmare blizzard driving home last night after seeing Jack the Giant Slayer (which I very much enjoyed) but lovely to look at once we actually got home. It really is very pretty and not at all cold.
I thought maybe I should give a few updates before Spring OFFICIALLY starts when we return to the greenhouse tomorrow and time is no longer my own.
Chester is doing fine in remission. He will have to join us at said greenhouse on occasion since he is now blind and can't be left alone after his treatments. So that will be a new adventure for him and us. We bought him a special puppy pram when he was sick last time and didn't really get to use it much. It will come in very handy now. And I'm sure the neighbours will think we're even nuttier than they already do, wandering to work in the mornings pushing a little black dog in a strangely designed baby carriage.
I have to admit to being tired of the snow and cold, all prettiness aside. Twyla has always wanted to move to Italy and I've always pointed out why I think she shouldn't. At this point, if there is a way to do it sensibly, I will be packing my bags as well. I can't think of anything that is holding me here...the things that are here that are important would be brought with. Believe me...I am not a romantic. I have no illusions about the realities in Italy or anywhere else, financially, politically or otherwise and I know the rather stringent rules. My interest is in a longer herb growing season for one thing. Who knows. It may be Victoria where we end up. Or the south of France. It's down the road a bit but it's coming. Thing is...we talk to more people on the other side of the world than we do here and more people on the other side of the world talk to us...and that says something.
In the meantime we have a busy event season starting this month as well as work, school and more work. I don't even want to think about the gardening stuff...I think it will be pretty minimal this year...all things considered. It  was agreed by all parties to not do the Farmer's Market this year. It is too much to tie up Sundays for almost no return, especially when most of our other venues are on the weekends. I think it is a relief for everyone.
Our presentation to the Wild Rose Antique Society was a great success...there were a lot of people fascinated by what we are doing...and thanks to Dakota, we had sound and visual. If he hadn't been there it would have been a bit of a Greek tragedy. Thanks to John for arranging it. Our next show is the Wild Rose Antique show at the end of March so not much time to get ready now.
Life is indeed changing around here. I'll update you more when I know more and have more time. In the mean time, parleremo presto! Ciao!

What's on the menu: Noodle Soup
Listening to: Marco Mengoni
Reading: Life in the Middle Ages by Martyn Whittock
Goals: Finish binding 2 books
Watching: How the Universe Works series