Monday, June 25, 2012

Okay. I know. I saw the date on the last post. I do have a perfectly good explanation(s).
Chester is doing great! Most important update, of course.
I stepped back from this blog a little because a LOT has been happening and I just wanted to get life in order. I suppose now's the time to share.
It was a long time coming but I had to make some decisions about where life was going. This happened a while ago. It came about with a little (a lot) of strong 'suggesting' from Twyla. She's been on me for a few years about my career. I resisted because I've for pretty much my entire life identified myself as primarily being an artist. I am not being egotistical when I say I have some talent in that department. Most of my family does. And I've made, at various times, a lot of money through that talent (most of it went down the gullet of one rescued critter or another). But with the advent of digital's relative ease to produce and it's perfection in the fantasy department, not to mention the blatant, rampant thievery of ideas and images, it became almost impossible to make a living selling prints. I was lost in a sea of mediocre deviant artists. I suppose it was inevitable. I know several artists of the same genre, who sell much more than I, in about the same boat. They are still struggling along and are able to do so because there are so many fantasy and faerie cons in the US. Not having that option here is a problem.
So anyway, Twyla had told me a few years ago that I should consider becoming a Life Coach. At the time I thought about it. Her reasoning was that it was what I did anyway and that maybe I should get paid for it. People would turn to me in grocery lines and tell me, out of the blue, the most intimate details of their health and personal lives (to Twyla's great embarrassment and chagrin) and look expectantly for guidance. I was usually a little nonplussed but did my best to do what I could.
There were other things I wanted to think about as well as far as what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Long story short, I finished my education in Herbalism, learned to be a Life Coach and added Aromatherapist formally to my repertoire. Twyla is studying to become a registered holistic nutritionist. We sat down and thought a little bit about where we were going with all of this. As a Life Coach, I decided to specialize in Holistic Health and sustainable living. It all seemed somehow to knit together. After deciding it would be neat to put together a practice where we could work together to help people to improve their health and lifestyle, we were led to the name Hummingbird in a story in the documentary "Dirt". Ten months later and here we are.
I admit it has been a struggle in many ways. There have been betrayals and some pretty unpleasant discoveries about people that I thought were...well...different people. And it turns out, as is often the case, that I am not alone in this. But that's okay. In the long run it has made some decision-making easier. Everyone has to go through this sometimes. It usually happens when you don't do or don't turn out to be what someone else wants you to do or be. This is where it becomes easy. Because you must remain true to yourself. It can trigger anger in another person but then their true nature comes to light. Makes life easier in a lot of ways.
Some decisions are still being worked out but we've come a long way. Hummingbird is now a reality (a baby one, tis true) but building momentum. It is a work of love in progress and the people who have been supportive, interested and helpful we are forever grateful to.
I am practicing under my legal name (Paula Thibaudeau for those of you unaware of it). Yes, Autumn is an artistic Pseudonym. I used it to separate my art from my private life. I thought about changing it legally. Thibaudeau is not my 'original' name. It is my late stepfather's name. I haven't a single drop of French  or Scottish blood in me. But I've had it for so long now, it doesn't seem worth the trouble and it's sort of like a pair of shoes that are worn in. We have a working website up and running and we'll be getting up the usual social media stuff...hope ya'll will sign up to be a part of. I'll let you know when that's a go. So yeah, that's where we're at. I wasn't even sure that I would continue with this blog. I have another coaching related blog and newsletter (hope you sign up for that!) on the new website but decided that this is my personal one where I can share more personal stuff and I just know you all wait with bated breath for my grouching. Without further adieu, here's some for you:
*To the "Peace Officer" at the A.B. farmer's market making everyone's life annoying: Do you really feel it is your job to become known as the "Grass Cop"? Cause that's what people are calling you. And it doesn't mean anyone thinks you are ridding the world of the skunk stench of weed. No no. You look like a nut sitting at the Farmer's Market guarding the grass. Dude, it's shite lawn and vendors have been parking on it for YEARS without hurting it. All you've done is make said vendors think you're a little slow and maybe need to re-examine what you want to be when you grow up. I'm just sayin'.
*To the jackholes that leave their dogs in the car in the heat with the window down an inch, I curse you to an eternity in a hot car. I've been there. I know what kind of Guantanamo torture it is. You deserve it.
*To the (many)  males who think that when a woman is nice, kind or polite it means she is hot for him, wants him or is a bitch that is teasing him when he discovers that no, in fact she would rather roll in honey and nest in an anthill, go look in the mirror, tell yourselves that you need to get over yourselves and grow the hell up.
*Along those lines, no amount of man perfume is going to make you appealing. Try deodorant.
*To the phone solicitors who call when they are asked not to, I'm getting annoyed with you. Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. You know the Hulk? Compared to me...pussycat.
*To Commandant Harper: So...straight-armed-blade-hand salute to you next? Just wondering.
*To the ladies in the Superstore line talking in Serious Big Girl Voices about what Lindsay Lohan's real thoughts on the matter are...REALLY?!? Maybe you should start reading something relevant. Like Archie.
*To the nitwits who think it's okay to throw your (cigarette not actual) butts out the car window or onto the sidewalk: When you do that I look at you and have daydreams of throwing you to the ground and sticking your butt up your nose.
*(This is a reiteration but worthy of endless repeat) To the bastards who get behind the wheel after drinking: I hope you get caught very soon...(I'm putting the intent out there)...and that you rot in jail, have your license revoked and are finally seen for what you are. Driver with intent to murder.
*To the Oil Companies: You don't actually think that these spills are okay with the Provincial Coalition of Albertans with an Actual Brain in Their you? Karma can be a bitch.
*To the eejits who think we can't live without oil...whether we can is not relevant. We will. Peak, baby...peak.
I don't have time for anymore right this second, but hope you've enjoyed or at least can identify with these grouches;-)
Check it out if you have a moment. Pass it on if you have two. Sign up for the newsletter if you have more than two. There'll be good stuff.
Please spare a thought for our brave little old chinchilla who is in the process of crossing over the rainbow bridge. Safe journey, Mr. Hobbes. We love you!
Have a safe and fun long weekend. Happy Canada Day! Maybe one day it will again be a Canada we can be proud of. Here's to hoping.
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